ESCAPE ROOMS- Escape Key Entertainment: Senator Payne – California (60Out Escape Games)


(When we played the company was called Escape Key)

This is a fun, professional, high tech escape room company. I’ve played both of the current games, The Casino & Senator Payne.

This escape room is incredibly unique and fun in theme and presentation. I’ve seen some similar puzzles before, but they overall have a fresh room. (I’ve played over 60 games, so I’ve seen a lot of puzzles.) Our group got stuck on the more simplistic things like finding things and quickly understood some of the more complicated puzzles. I think you’d need at least two people to complete this room. Teamwork is highly important. The second half of the game is a little “scary” but nothing extreme. I personally found this “medium” level room much harder than the casino. Sometimes that’s the case depending on the way you think compared to the puzzles.

I highly recommend this escape game company.


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